Bob's Carpet Mart

I don’t know if this is a consumer complaint, but I think people should know about this company. My husband worked for them, despite being warned by other installers. They retained a large sum of money from his check in what they call “escrow” to insure any work that he did for them, he was told that he would get the entire amount back since all of his work was excellent. Needless to say, they now seem to be having trouble returning the money. They don’t deny they owe it to him, they just refuse to accept or return his calls. They told him the first time he called “the check is in the mail” and we never spoke to anyone other than the bulldog secretary since, who swears no one in the whole company is EVER available and she’s none to nice about it either. I would strongly suggest not working for them and even question buying carpet from a company that will rip off hard working people. I have trouble believing that this company as successful as it seems to be needs to rob installers and their families of their earnings, but apparently they do because we were told by several other installers that this is standard practice for this company.

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