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I have had the worst experience with purchasing a dining room set from Bobs Furniture store in West Springfield, Ma. My husband and I were excited to purchase a new dining room set so it was between Raymour and Flannigan or Bobs. We choose Bobs because it was exactly the color we were looking for and it was a 7 piece set. So we went on a Saturday afternoon and sat down with the sales rep, which was not too friendly. Then she proceeded to go over the delivery process, which is unbelievable, for some reason they seem to think that people don’t have 9-5pm jobs and just have time to sit and wait for a delivery truck. I did explain to the rep that we both work and we would need to know when to leave work to sit home and wait because the only person that would be home is my elderly mother and I would not feel comfortable with having the drivers there alone with her. She then said to me “well, they have on a full uniform on and there is a big Bob’s sign on the truck with his face on it, so she should be fine.” I then said to her, I don’t think you clearly understand what I am trying to tell you. I just don’t feel comfortable with that. So she proceeded to go find another sales rep, his name was Luis and we explained our situation and he said that they would give a three hour window and we could also give a one hour call ahead as well. My husband and I were ok with that and so we then purchased our dining room set. Luis said the delivery date would be that next Wednesday and we would get a call on Monday to find out the window times. So Monday came and went without a call. I then checked the Delivery Tracker on Monday night and it said they would be there Wednesday morning between 9:36am-12:36pm. I received a phone call at work about 8:30am stating they would be there in 5mins. So I said to the driver, I was told I would receive a one hour call ahead, not 5mins. He said well we had a cancellation so were on our way. I said ok fine, I will let my mother know you’re on your way. My son did not have to be at work until 11:30am so I was ok that someone was there with my mother. The delivery truck came and my mother was a little confused because the drivers pulled up in a white truck, without Bobs face on the front, and the drivers had on a wrinkled Bob’s tee-shirt and looked like they just rolled out of bed, very unprofessional. When they began to set up the table and chairs one of the chair legs was completely broke in half. My mother then over heard one of the drivers say to the other driver I can go see if there is glue in the truck. My mother yelled at them and said you will NOT glue my daughters chair back together when no one has even used it yet. Then they tried to put the table together with the leaf and the table was broken and the leaf would not fit. By this time my mother called me at work and said I really think you should come home your table is not correct. Needless to say, I had to leave my job and run home to see what was going on. When I arrived I asked the driver who was he because he looked like a person living on the streets, clothes wrinkled, hair not combed a mess. Just think, the woman sales rep wanted my mother to be alone with what I saw…absolutely not! Thank God my son was home. After speaking to Samuel he told me a technician could come out to fix the damaged chair and table. I called customer service and told them I do NOT want a technician to come out when I purchased this set brand new, not from the Good Will and it has to be fixed! I want a new table and a brand new chair. They said ok, we can’t get anyone to come out until Saturday. I said that’s fine but it better be before 11am because we are going out of town that day. Susan, the customer service rep said she would put it in the notes to please have it delivered before that time. After the conversation with customer service rep Samuel, the driver, asked Susan should he leave the table and chair or leave it for the next drivers to pick up she said to leave the table and take the broken chair. So he did exactly that. My husband and I waited to receive a phone call on Thursday to see what time they would be out to deliver the new furniture for Saturday and of course we received a call on Friday evening stating they would be there between 8:30am-11:30am. I received a phone call at 7:30am stating they were outside my home. I got up and went to the front door, no Bob’s truck. I waited a few minutes more and then call the cell phone number that they called me from and said where are you, i’m standing outside my home. Santos, the driver, then said were in your home now. At this point i am furious! I yelled through the phone what street are you on because it is not mine. Needless to say they were down the street at an apartment building giving my new dining room table set away. They then said “OOOhh…Ok…Ok!” were on our way. They finally pulled around the corner with an orange Penske truck which this is the second time they showed up without the Bobs face across the front like the sales person had told me. And of course, they were NOT in uniforms. Santos had on jean shorts and a white tank top on, no Bob’s shirt at all. The other driver complained the whole time about how he was ready to go and that they needed to hurry up. Once they put the table together, I noticed nicks in the table and they brought a wobbly chair that was clearly unstable to sit in. He then asked for the broken chair that the other driver had already taken back on the last visit. We told him Susan from customer service told them to take it. So my husband called customer service and the gentlemen told my husband that they would not give us a new chair until we provided the broken one. My husband was furious he called ANOTHER customer service rep AGAIN and spoke to a woman name Christine who listen to the situation and said ok we will send out a new table again and a brand new chair. So that following Tuesday morning around 6:10am I had 3 missed calls. I called the number back when I woke up at 7am and it was the drivers. He said we already came to your house. I said well the Delivery Tracker said 7:40am not 6am! He said ok, we will be back in 30mins. 30 mins turned into 10mins later. They pulled with a yellow truck, no Bob’s logo and brought everything inside. The only thing I can say is these last drivers Brian and Elijah, even though Elijah had on a I Hate Yankees tee-shirt, they knew how to put the table together and make sure all the chairs were not wobbly. All I can say is thank you to these two drivers because the last four were just awful. Therefore, I would not recommend ANYONE to Bobs, ever. They have the worst customer service reps and drivers that I have ever had to deal with in my life. Nothing was heart felt, no concern, no emotion no nothing. Especially when they accused my husband and I of stealing a broke chair that we could not do anything with and did not offer any compensation to the entire situation, especially with me missing work two out of the three days of delivery. Next time I want to buy quality furniture and have excellent customer service I will make sure I will stick to what I know…Raymour and Flanigan.

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