So, as far as are concerned it is perfectly acceptable for a guest to blatantly lie as long as they dont name the persons who run it or work in it. False statements are perfectly acceptable. It is worth noting that at no time has anyone from made contact with me over this to discuss what elements are lies by the reviewer so clearly the attitude of is that they accept responsibility for promoting false statements on their website.
I attach without edit the response from for you to see who they trust.

Dear Hotel Partner,

Thank you for working with

We have sent your email to our reviews team for investigation.

The response we have received back is as follows:

Kindly be informed that this review does not fulfill the condition of to be removed. Our
system of guest reviews is based on the experience of a guest after his stay in one of the property
we have online.
In this particular case, the guest did not like the room, the internet service, the heating… ect.
The guest is only describing his experience and feeling about the hotel. The review is negative however
it is not discriminatory or does not mentioned any named of personnel working in this establishment.

Additionally, we wish to bring back to mind that the opinions expressed by our mutual guests are just
that: opinions. We invite guests to share their experiences so that others may potentially benefit from
them. Just as different individuals perceive the same experiences in different ways, so too will those
who read of them.

We understand the hotel concern about the review as it indeed expresses strong criticism; however, we
do not consider it insulting. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to find out the true story behind
every negative review that we receive. Therefore, we apply the same rules to all our hotel partners
and unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions.

The average score of this hotel is 9.5 and makes it exceptional, the potential guest visiting the page
of this establishment never stop after reading only one negative review but will appreciate the global
score as reading a few reviews in order to make their own decision. Keep in mind that negative comments
bring balance to the guest reviews system by adding credibility to the positives ones. They can be used as a valuable source of information with regards to the service the hotel provides.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Found At: – defamatory review

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