At around Christmas last year, we booked a holiday, only for 4 days in Great Yarmoth, Norfolk, 18th-22nd May. at Great Yarmouth appartments, 14, walpole st.
The money was taken out very soon after, in full by Bookin .com. I was a bit taken abackbut though, well, it doesnt really matter. Then along came the virus. We didnt cancel straight away hoping things would get better, of-course they didnt. so on Wednesday, just gone icancelled on line.
Got an email backto say the cancelation had gone ahead, but we wouldnt get any money back, due to it being a no refund policy for cancelations.
Im sorry, but that is very unfair.How on earth did we know of the virus coming?
Of course we would have gone otherwise. I know it was only £140, but thts a lot to us being pensioners. Any way, booking .com advised us to email the owners, which i did but intersepted it. It must have got through, because i did recive an email back from him saying, there was not a lot he could do, as he didnt get paid from them until the day of arrival.
What a cheek from Booking .com, seems they have had the payment since December. I also went back on to the website to read the terms and condidionsbut it wouldnt let me on, tried many times.
The conformation number is, [protected], and the pin number is, 5637.

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