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Had a root canal in Dec 2018. Came back for cleaning in March and told the dentist that treated tooth was sensitive and throbbing. Dentist x-rayed tooth and probed and told me it was fine. Dentist said it might be a slight gum infection. Came back in May with the same complaint and told Dentist it was throbbing every night and waking me up. Dentist did the same as before and told me it was fine. Returned in July withe the same complaint as it was getting intolerable. Doctor said it looked good and referred me to a specialist. Specialist did a 3D scan and said the root split off and there was an affected void the that the dentist did not see because an x-ray would not pick it up. Specialist said he would re-do it for $860 out of pocket or get it extracted (Also said Bight dental could not do a redo because they would not have the equipment to see the problem). I made an appointment with bright Dental to get the tooth extracted. I had to wait a week to get in with excruciating throbbing pain. Showed up only to be told all appointments were cancelled since computers were down. I left and went to a private dentist. He took one look at the tooth and said it very very infected at the bone level. Dr. Shultz was shocked that Bright Now did not give me any antibiotics and did not check my bight on any of the visits. He told me the infection had pushed the tooth up and it was hitting the tooth above. Dr. Shultz put me on antibiotics and corrected my bight. I go tomorrow July 16th to have the tooth extracted by Dr. Shultz. I am out of pocket around $1000 and will have no tooth. I want the $1000 for this botched root canal returned to me (root canal fee, office visits, Specialists fee, and private practitioner fee for extraction). I am not includind money for the 7 months of pain and suffering and loss of sleep. But will do so with my lawyers assistance if I do not recoup this money from Bright Now Dental. Jim McCullough

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