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good afternoon, i recently stayed at your manchester airport &inn establishment, from the 29th october 2021- 31st october 2021, room 139.
reserved through under josh goldspink.
so firstly, i paid £178 for a family room and got 1 double bed and a pull out sofa, to me that isnt a family room, it should have had 2 double beds at least, not a pull out bed.
secondly i paid £178 for 2 nights, when i was checking in i overheard a woman checking in on the day, no reservation, for one night, same room as mine and was charged £45 for one night. how is there a huge price difference? i booked weeks in advance.
the room was filthy, clothes left from another perosons stay, poo stains on the ceiling and walls in the bathroom, poo left in the bath. the phone in the room had buttons missing, unplugged and mouldy.
the cups were stained with god knows what.
i talked to the front desk and was assured they would get someone to clean our room while we were out on the saturday (30th) we came back after a day out with the kids to find that they hadnt touched our room, no clean towels, no clean bedding, nothing cleaned!
yet we had a tag on our room day saying it had been sanitised.
early hours saturday morning the fire alarm went off around 1/2am woke me, my wife and kids up, which ruined our first nights sleep. when i paid so much to stay there, you would expect clean facilities, a relaxing nights sleep, but this wasnt remotely the case.
we ate in the restraunt on saturday night, food was very expensive for what we got, i paid £108 for a burger, pizza, curry, nachos 2 drinks and 2 gins.
burger was very dry, curry was warmed up in a microwave as the middle was cold and outside was hot. pizza was rubbery, and drinks tasted like no alcohol in them at all.
all in all the stay was very expensive and not a good experience at all, this was my wifes birthday weekend which we looked forward to for a long time and it was ruined.
i expect a full refund for the room and for the food we had as it was a complete waste of money and a terrible experience.

i can send yo my bank statement showing the two payments made to your establishment.

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