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I contacted nancy buchanan about a posting for puppies she had on hoobly. I liked how everything sounded and so i purchased a puppy from her. She kept telling me at our meet that the puppy would experience diarrhea due to change in water. Stated the puppy had his first set of shots and was wormed 3 times by a vet. The puppy had diarrhea the same day I brought him home, i thought nothing of it and blamed it on stress. Well not even a week into having him home he started vomiting out worms and still had chronic diarrhea. I took him back to the vet for the 3rd time and dr ran test on him. Said he was full of worms and parasites! Vet bills out the #### plus 5 medications. Nancy was notified of this info and has NOT answered phone calls, messages, or emails. She knows her pups are sick but will not do anything to fix this problem! Please beware of her! I truly believe she is running a puppy mill! Her dogs are very sick

Found At: Buchanan’s Siberian Huskies – Siberian husky puppies

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