Burlington Coat Factory Direct

I am an employee at the Burlington located at 6537 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 with phone number: [protected]. I was accused of stealing a gift card from another employee, but in fact I found the card outside the store in the parking lot next to my vehicle. Like I always do when there is trash near my vehicle in the parking lot I pick it up and throw it away, but since it was a gift card I was curious and checked the balance and it just so happened to have money on it so I put it in my purse. Well one day last week I was making a purchase from my grand daughter and went to pay when I saw the gift card and said to my self well why not use this, so I did now I admit and did admit to Mario our H.R. Loss Prevention and our Assistant Manager Margarita that I was probably wrong for that and should have turned it in but just wasn’t thinking due to other stressors that have happened subsequently in my life around the same time. So they suspended my took my badge and my keys because I am a Supervisor and a Key Holder and made that within a year. The kicker is my Store Manager Josh had no clue as soon as I got to my car yesterday I called him to let him know. Now I’m not saying I am right in the situation but I didn’t steal the card and offered to pay the money back I figured since my first time ever being in trouble I could have received a warning and not a full pledged suspension. I come to work early everyday, never call in unless absolutely necessary, and even come in when they call me in on my days off or stay late, I just really don’t think this is fair as wondering if anyone could help me.

Found At: Burlington Coat Factory Direct – suspended from work/ falsely accused of stealing

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