I’m based in Ireland. Since Brexit, I try to order things from Irish or EU companies to avoid paying duty on goods from the UK. When I loaded the BuySpares site, I got the site with the .ie domain, complete with Irish flag and prices in Euro. I ordered the product from what I believed was from Ireland. It was only when the item was being delivered that An Post, the Irish postal service, said I needed to pay import duty. There was no mention on the BuySpares site that the product was coming from the UK and would incur duty. When I complained about this to BuySpares, they said that “customer charges are applicable and stated in our Terms and conditions on our website”. After pointing out that their site was misleading, they gave the same response.

If you are within the EU, avoid buying from this company as the goods will come from the UK and will will pay additional charges. And most annoyingly, BuySpares will not tell you up front that the goods will come from the UK before you order them.

Found At: BuySpares – General

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