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Our car buying experinece at Cable-Dahmer of Kansas City.

I called and spoke with Vita in internet sales to put a hold on a car I had seen the day before until my wife could come see it after work. She was nice and quoted the price online and made sure the vehicle would be on hold.

After work my wife looked at the car and it wasn’t quite what we wanted but found another car on the lot, same year more mileage and a couple extra options. At the car we were quoted a price around $28, 800 by the time we arrived back at Darnell Johnson’s desk the price had jumped to over $30, 000. (expensive walk) While he was disappearing for 15+ minute chunks of time, trying to get us a deal, we checked online for the price of this car. Imagine our shock to find it listed online from this dealership for $26, 995. (I have a screen shot for proof because it’s still listed online 3 days after we bought it) First he was amazed at the price and it must be an error, then tried to convince us that the online price was after our discount coupon was already taken off but I can do math and the numbers just weren’t adding up. We got the car for the internet price minus our coupon after saying we were done and were going to look somewhere else. Then started the hour and a half wait to sign the rest of the paperwork for the loan.

This was Wednesday, took over 4 hours to look at 2 cars and get the price down to what we could have paid online and signed most of the paperwork. So then we get into the car that Darnell was going to gas up and make sure it was ready to go during our hour and 1/2 wait to sign papers. The tank is half full, no biggie, then when I ask what the sensor light is on the vehicle we find out the rear tire is flat. I did have a worded message on my dash, but Darnell quickly reached across and hit a button to hide that. The tires are nitrogen filled tires so we are told to come back the next day because it was just a little flat and they’d fill it. Take the vehicle back yesterday to have the tire filled 2 HOURS, yes 2 HOURS to get the tire patched because they found a screw in the tire. (Great job making sure the car was ready to go the night before huh) I was stuck there for 2 hours with an 8 month old and a 7 year old. They did offer a loaner about an hour in but since the car seats were in our car on the lift it’s not like we could go anywhere. They finally got us out of there 2 hours later when the baby was screaming for his bottle (and with a dirty diaper) that was in the car on the lift for the 2 hour flat tire fix. I didn’t grab the diaper bag because I thought it would take less than 5 minutes to put air in the tire.

Now on to day 3. We go to license the vehicle and the inspection is expired. Not only that but we find out we are missing paperwork that no one mentioned we would need to come back for. No title paperwork kind of hard to register the vehicle. We called to ask where the paperwork was and after being transferred in circles were told that the title was at one of the other locations and they’d have it sometime next week and give us a call. We called the other location to see if we could just pick up the paperwork directly from them because we were tired of dealing with the people at the Kansas City store. Really at this point we were ready to return the car and walk away which we let them know. Amazing, 2 hours after that I got a call to come get the paperwork that it was all ready. Took the car back to have the inspection done and while I was there he met another lady whose story is playing out much like ours only she wasn’t able to get the coupon off the internet price like we were. She bought her car yesterday after having to haggle down to the online listed price and was back today for a flat tire. I told her she might want to check her paperwork and inspection. Sure enough…she was missing the same paperwork and her inspection was expired. I guess we did not have an unusual experience like we thought. Screwing people over and jerking them around is a company policy. We were going to buy a second car from them (which we did not disclose to them) and after that mess, NO WAY! We will never buy anything from there again and neither should you. Buyer beware!

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