Good Lord! If I was blindfolded I could not tell you what I was eating as it was unidentifiable. As for healthy, 1 serving 9oz. a little over a cup contained 450mg of salt, not healthy. The supposedly sirloin burgers were spit out terrible. Needless to say we did not finish our serving and tossed it. My husband eats just about anything. Not this.

I make a lot of soups and I actually enjoy your Vegatarian Vegetable and Bean with bacon. This is shocking to me that your test kitchens would put this on the market.

I really am sorry, but I have no better description I could give you for this product. We are on a fixed income and hate to waste money. You should really look into your product development dept. and fire the person that created this soup and the “Sirloin” thing in the soup. No one could ever identify that entity in this soup.

I see these comments do not go to Campbell’s Co. Too bad as they need to know how bad this really is. I would hate to see another long time great company disappear.

I also see there is no place to put my contact information so this complaint probably goes nowhere.

Found At: Campbell’s – chunky healthy request sirloin burger with country vegs.

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