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My parents purchased an extended warranty on their 30′ motorhome. The slides weren’t working right and the warranty was expiring in 3 days, so they set an appointment for repairs in the Memphis area store. They took it in and explained they are not near their home in Texarkana. They are 78 and 76 years old. The shop told them it would take a few days. It’s been there since Monday the 26th of February; today is March 3. The warranty expired on 03/01/18. The shop hasn’t touched it and now they’re facing having to pay out of pocket for the expense of having it serviced elsewhere as they are living on a limited income now and can’t afford to stay away from their home. I feel Camping World has deliberately put them off, has not tried to do the repairs, and is deliberately mistreated senior citizens who have spent much money with this company since they’ve been RV’ers since I was 8 (and I’m 56). I’m angry and this experience will be reported on social media. I expect someone to fix this problem and even reimburse their expenses.

Found At: Camping World – service contract

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