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I purchased the printer in Dec. 2016. For the past 5 years the printer has worked as expected. On Jan 24, 2022, I went to print a spreadsheet and the printer responded with a trouble code of “5B00 – Contact Canon Customer Service Desk”. I looked everywhere (manual, on-line help, internet, etc.) for the meaning of the code ‘5B00’ but found nothing. I noticed that the power-on light and the trouble light where flashing in alternate fashion for seven (7) times and then starting over again. There were various and dubious YouTube videos of how to correct light flashing problems on Canon printers and although I was able to get the lights to stop flashing, the printer would not print and the code ‘5B00’ always accompanied a print request. After powering off the printer and removing power plug, on the return to attempt to power up and print the lights went back to flashing and no printing possible.

I tried several times to contact Canon and even tried the Chat service but that was useless. Finally, I figured out how to request a repair or service in the Canon website and after calling the Customer Service Desk found out that there was a need to prepay for assistance and so I signed up for $19.99 service help.

I was connected to a technician who took down the info I gave him (5B00 code, alternate light flashing sequence) and he said he would confer with a senior service technician. After 2 minutes the technician came back on and said he had information on “3” flashes and “10” flashes, but for “7” flashes it meant the printer had reached END OF LIFE.

I asked him if there was any repair that could be made to the printer and he said “No.” I thought he was kidding; with enough parts you could replace everything and make a new printer, but he said “No” there was nothing to do!

The information on Codes and their meanings and light flashing sequences should have been Free to all who had registered a device with Canon and had an account. I had done both of these things in 2016. I would like to get information on the lifetime of printers. I need another one, but I am loathe to purchase one without knowing how long it is expected to last. I have 3 sets of 245XL and 246XL ink cartridges on hand that are now useless – that’s ~$160.00 of ink that I can not use.

Desired outcome:
I want a refund of the $20.00 I had to pay for a terminal diagnosis of my printer.

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