Capella University

I am done with my coursework at Capella. Managed to pull a 3.8 gpa and just finished comprehensive exams. I must say the further I got into the program the more “worried” I became. I complained about an instructor once, and so did many other students in my class. This teacher never logged on and failed everyone with zero feedback, changed her rubric etc…I manage to pass this one as well (after mass emails to the instructor informing her that I was reporting her weekly). One quarter later, student services got back to me to address my complaint. I was like “hey I finished this class last quarter, pretty late in the game dont ya think?” all kinds of bs appologies. Now I finished my comps and failed all three questions. The feedback instructors gave me only mentioned “APA issues” guess what? APA only counts for 5 points out of the 50 on each quesiton. How is that a fail? I asked my mentor for ellaboration and he said he could not do that and to just do my best in the rewrite. I did I spend another 60+ hours attempting to rewrite that damn thing with no feedback. I managed to pass all question but one. And again no feedback, I have not even been told which question I failed. I’ve asked for it several times and no one will get back to me. I NEED that info in order to appeal. I want to sue this F###ing school? Anyone in?

Found At: Capella University – Scam

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