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We took a nine-day Canadian Rockies and Glacier tour by Caravan Tours. I later learned that three unrelated travelers phoned Caravan Tours DURING THE TOUR to ask for their money back, or that our tour guide be replaced. (They were ignored.) The tour “guide” was SOOOO bad… he made numerous sexist remarks (i.e. he told us how a woman had been tragically attacked by a black bear and added that “that’s what a woman gets for being stupid”), and added no insight into any of the sites (except to mention what “big bucks” he made since housing values rose in Calgary). We listened for 20 minutes to his sales pitch to buy a certain travel guide, then stopped for about half an hour at a small pit stop where, coincidentally, the book was sold. Worse, after 20 minutes of traveling we found ourselves at the same bookstore where we had to wait another half hour — even tho we were told that we couldn’t stop for pictures of a famous local waterfall because there was not enough time! Warning: run away if your tour guide looks a lot like Ted Baxter and the tour starts in Calgary! I was most disappointed by how Caravan Tours handled the situation. I and many others complained to Caravan on their comment card and by emailing them (even during the tour!) and heard nothing back. No refund, no apologies, nothing. My family will NEVER use Caravan Tours again. I have never seen so many travelers mad at the same time. Worst treatment I have ever received by any travel company anywhere. Shameful.

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