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I would like to begin by stating, I really like ur outlets in exception of the outlet I am complaining about. The other outlets have been amazing. I am a frequent customer at cargills food city near Bethesha place.

The ice cream box was damaged when it was sold to me in the evening around 04.30 p.m. on 11 February 2020 from cargills food city – duplication road. I did notice the damage once I came home but was unable to immediately return back to the outlet. However, I did return in the evening around 07.45 but before 08.17 p.m. to speak with the person in charge and probably exchange the item.

When I spoke to the branch manager in charge about this issue. He came with the reason that I didn’t come immediately and I might have damaged it. The way he said it was very derogatory considering the fact that I did buy other products including another ice cream cartoon(as can be seen in the bill attached) and did not find a problem with any other products.

Moreover, they were highly unprofessional in the manner they treated me. For example, they “checked” the CCTV footage and came back to me with the reasoning, it was not broken when it was sold to me. However, they failed to notice that I did get the ice cream from the freezer and directly went to the cashier. Anyone would know that it takes time for solid ice cream from the freezer to melt. I would also like to point out one of your employee kept opening the ice cream cartoon and he also kept pushing his finger in the edge of the cartoon which was slightly damaged. If the manager knew there is a no return policy, he shouldn’t have kept doing it because ideally my family and I will have to consume it later on.

Moreover, being a loyal customer of ur organisation, I find it hard to believe that exchanging a damaged product which you have shelved and is sold from ur outlet is a loss for the company (this was one of the other reasons given to me). If there are such policies, please make sure your customers know them, because we shop at Cargill’s because it’s a trustworthy brand by itself not because it shelves elephant house products.

I have attached the bill and product in question for your reference. Sorry, I couldn’t get the name of the employees who spoke to me.

Looking forward for a response and change in the employee behaviour in the outlet.

Please feel free to reach me at [protected] or [protected] or gayathri.[protected]

Desired outcome:
1. Please have a Policy and protocol on customer handling mainly when they come with a problem. 2. Refund or replacement of my product ideally within 24 hours

Found At: Cargill’s Food City: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 5

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