Carnival Cruise Lines

On 05/04/2020, I received an email stating carnival canceled my cruise on 07/11/2020 – 07/182020. They provided 2 options to select from so I selected option 2 for 100% refund. 05/05/2020, I called to find out the amount of the refund and the representative did not know what they were doing. The representatives are telling customers anything for their aht on a phone call. I spoke to jonathan and talked over me and ignoring my questions that happens when they do not know what to do. Before I could say anything else jonathan transferred me to the casino representative. I had to start all over again with this representative. The representatives do not wait for the customer to start telling them what they want instead they start processing items. Later I received an email on 05/05/2020 stating reservation was canceled and the cancellation occurred during penalty period and was charged $250.00 penalty. Carnival is a corrupt company and anyway for them to keep the customer’s money they’ll doing. They’ll be hoping the customer isn’t paying attention but I do. I want 100% refund immediately with any delay!

Found At: Carnival Cruise Lines – Carnival canceled cruise in a 05/04/2020 email but charging a penalty

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