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Bad start as soon as we went through the first security before boarding. Immeditely upon being sent to #26 that lady took our boarding passes and went to talk to someone other persons, whispering and pointing back to me and my husband. She came back and pointed to some chairs to our right, and told to sit there even though we had number 2. She said she will have to escort us on board. And she did not too long after that. She walked us all the way through the gangway to guest services, she told us to wait right here, which was about 15 feet from the desk. She approached the guest services desk we could only hear a small portion of what was being said. She told a lady named ons that we would have to be take care of, this is one of them? No explination. Ons did not even act like she heard or was not concerned at all about what the lady had just said, so she said do you hear me, and ons finally looked up, she pointed to us and then she basically shouted have a seat, so we sat there for a long period of time, they still had our paperwork, so we had no way of getting anything to drink or eat. I went to the desk a couple of time to find out what the problem was and once again the lovely, (not) ons, shouted I told you to have a seat and pointed, so back I went, at this point I was in tears, mind you we had waded water waste deep, carried our luggage on our head to keep it dry, and smelled really bad, had no food or drink for hours, yes hours, and this extremely hateful person still felt the need to further degrade us in front of everyone that was near by. I would say maybe an hour passed and she finally come over to us and had some papers in her hand, no not out boarding passes, it was $9 drink coupons, she stated and I will quote her “go have a drink you need to calm down” really are you kidding me, I told her we don’t drink, we need to get our passes so we could get some food, she shrugged her shoulders and just walked off. I walked back to the counter and saw our paperwork, boarding passes still laying right where they were over an hour before, so I picked them up and told her we are going to our cabin send me a supervisor now, this was exactly 1:15, when we arrived at the room, the door was standing wide open, there was a huge very loud fan running in the room, another person came in and told us the cabin was flooded, that it, I had on flip flops, my husband had lost his shoes in the street flooding, and the water was over the soles of my shoes and my feet were getting wet. I ask what were they going to do and was told, “run that fan” what, the carpet was soaked, and I mean soaked, not damp, soaked, the bed skit was wet up about 4 inches as well. So we put our suit cases and 2 carry ons on very small couch with about 2 feet for both of us to sit on. We were soaked from head to toe, we were freezing, hungry and thirsty. I ask for something to cover up with, mind I am still in tears, our first cruise, and it totally sucked, no one would give us any information, still no sign and sale cards, nothing. Another lady came in and said she guananteed it would all be fixed at 4. Ok I said, but 4 came and went still nothing, so several more trip back to guest services and asking for help and demanding a supervisor, still nothing, do you hear me nothing, so around 7 the male person from guest services came up acting like nothing was wrong, I told him and my husband told him we paid for a room and we need a room that we are able to be safe and dry. He said he be back, so many calls and many trips down stairs, and finally around 8 he said he would have to move us, we no [censored]… We have been saying this for 12;00, so he took us to look at another room and I said no, that is not going to work, I walk back to my husband in cabin 1027, the room we booked, now keep in mind one of us had to sit in this room at all times as all our belongs were piled on this tiny couch, with the door wide open, so the lady came back and said you can have this bottle of water and you wont have to pay, I looked at the water and it had already been opened and I pointed that out to her… She just looked at me and said that is what I have to offer… Wtf, enough is enough, so the guy from the guest services desk called and said, and I will quote him as well “I hope you dont think I intentionally mislead you with that other room…” we of course you did, so he came up and around 8 we were finally moved to room 7251 and told to call room services and they would get us our sail and sign cards. So we paid for the soda/pop program, and room services does not allow for that, so we still have nothing to drink are soaked, stink, hungry and it is 8:00 p.M., do you understand that…8:00p.M. This was our first cruise, we paid a lot on money for this and we were totally treated like third rate citizens from the moment we actually boarded the ship. We went to visit with guest services many times and nothing, I called in as soon as the ship got back into port on the 6th, and made to feel like a fool for even calling in, told nothing they could do call back on monday, so I did, they lady told me the best she could do was offer $50 ship charge next time we took a cruise, wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf… After all the money we spent on this all the pain and suffering… Basically treated like [censored] for even asking for help and you offer up $50 dollars. I simply cannot understand how you stay in business. This total experience was a big fat 0… This first day set the tone for the entire trip. I would greatly appreciate a call on this situation, I am not willing to accept this as fair treatment, much less ethical. I am demanding a refund for out trip, it was a waste of our hard earned money, I have never been some humiliated in all my life. I do have they other persons name but I do not have it with as I am writing this letter. My phone number is [protected] booked under michael and larinda fisher. At they very least someone… Anyone… Everyone… Should have offered an apology for the entire situation, and not one person cared enough about us to say I am sorry or ask what can I do to help you.

Found At: Carnival Cruise Lines Freedom – the entire unethical operation of the guest services group

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