Carolyn Barron Montessori School [CBMS]

This “school” was a nightmare for our family. My child suffered emotional abuse in the 6-12 class by the “teacher” and physical abuse by the older boy students, including being severely punched in the stomach that required a doctor visit. The teacher must have a mental disorder because she even bragged to me how she was happy that she made my child cry over his work. This is not how Montessori is supposed to be. She has treated at least three other boys this way that I know of. This shows she has a very dangerous pattern. My son required a year of counseling to get through what happened to him. When you complain to the administration about this teacher, all of a sudden your child is a problem child that requires immediate dismissal from the school. Guess who made the decision to dismiss my child–the academic board that consisted of the teacher who abused my child and the mother of the 12 year old who punched my child in the stomach!

Found At: Carolyn Barron Montessori School [CBMS] – emotional abuse

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