last night at carrefour mall of the emirates, im so disappointed and feeling critize by the cashier name ramesh chauhan counter 13 i was brought a 2pcs arwa water banana and crab salad and fillet with onion smoke fish, cashier told me ohh where is the other bottle of your water since it was still in the plastic i said ohh sorry i used the plastic as a handle, so i ddnt take off the plastic cashier told me i thought u drink the rest, i said how i wish i was that fast drinker and smile i take it as a joke, so he scan the item for payment then the smoke fish bar code isnt clear and the scanner couldnt read it, he tried to read but he couldnt as well then he turned the item to me, and said i couldnt read ” can you read it!? ” with a sacastic tone of voice, i said im sorry i couldnt..he couldnt read it its always a barcode that he always encounterd all the time, why he ask me to read it when even the machine or him cant read it, how could i either. so what he did next told me u can go back inside and bring me another one! the other items was punch already so i asked him so what should i do, he told me pay first this items..whats on my mind that time was it would kill my time again going back inside and go back to the line to pay again i said its ok i will not take it..the bill was only 35.60 he told me if you have coins i need a coins i said ok! i gave him 30 bill and 6 coin. when he was took the money he keep on saying 35 and!? i said i gave u 36 why he didnt check properly the place where he took the coins before keep on telling me and!? it was there only.. while im walking i tried to let it pass but it hurts me and made me so upset so i came back to make sure what counter it was and ask one of the helper to talk to a manager the helper told me u can go to the customer service i made the complaint it was hurt to feel like being cretize i was thinking that moment if i am american or white would he do that to me!? if i am local would he do the same!? to ask me to go back inside and bring a new item and pay the other item!? im thinking even a small grocery store there is someone they can ask to assist them to get a new item! i am a customer and is this a service that a big grocery store can provide with a poor atittude and sarcastic people working with them!? this is my first complain ever since im working in customer service as well!? i know how hard it is but, even we are tired we are not in the mood we shouldnt feel our customer being served with poor atittude or treatened unprofessional.. learn how to use proper verbage and facial expression is my advice i would be satisfied until i can share this to carrefour mall of the emirates

Found At: Carrefour – service

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