- Scam and fraud

On the 1st November my son and I booked into your hotel after an exhausting journey from Eastbourne, which had delays. We were not given any directions to where we had to go, could hardly hear anything your receptionist was saying as the live music from the bar was deafening. We eventually found out how to get to the room. It was freezing cold and we found out that the radiator was not working. We found the heater in the hall way which was no good. It did work but just around the hater itself. It was a long way from where the beds were. My son and I were freezing as we had travelled by train and walked from the station to the hotel. The bed my son was sleeping on felt as though it was going to break in half and was unstable, amongst making noises upon movement. We found out in the morning the leg on the left hand side was up in the air and missing a wheel.

My son was due to go to Uni in the morning and could not go as he felt very unwell and just wanted to go home after our awful night. I felt the same way myself. I was asked by the receptionist why I had not complained in the night. There was no phone in the room. I was struggling from exhaustion, as was my son, from the travelling. My son and I both have some health problems, unrelated to Covid 19. He would not have made the journey down to reception and nor would I. There was no soap to wash hands with in the room, they do the very small samples of soap, no hand sanitiser that you would of thought there would of been something since we are still in a pandemic. The heating should of been working. We turned the heater on in the morning and it was absolutely useless, at first I did not expect it to come on, it took a while.
We were supposed to be staying the next night but cancelled and got a refund for that night. The night we endured was a night from hell.

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Found At: Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth – Stay unbearable

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