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My email: rakobela.[protected]

I bought two Rippa Game controller at cash crusaders Wonderpark on the 25/10/21 and i had issues with one of the controllers and decided to go back to the store for an exchange only issue is my helper misplaced the receipt tried searching for it but could not find it so i decided to use the bank statement which is proof that i bought the consoles there, when i got to the store i was assisted by a lady who called a manager named Michael Jacobs,

I explained to him that i lost my slip but i have a bank statement which i thought would be helpful so i can get an exchange, and what a Manager he Michael is cause he was like he can not assist me cause i lost the slip, i then asked if he can’t re print since i have the bank card and bank statement as proof of my purchase then Michael’s exact respond was “i wont be able to assist you cause you lost the slip and yes i can reprint the slip but i won’t”.

Just like that, i understand that i lost the slip but was it necessary for him to say he can print it but wont? personally i don’t think he should be dealing with people cause he has no customer service at all he is not a peoples person at all. shows no remorse except the i don’t care attitude.

i bought my air fryer, my sons laptop, my son’s PS3, my blender, the PlayStation games, fan, pc screen and when i need an exchange m told they can print the slip but wont. how disappointing, just know you have lost me as a customer just hope other people don’t go through what i went through

Thanks a million times Michael for showing me my money is not needed.

Desired outcome:
Would be appreciate it if i could get the console exchanged and would like to get feedback on my email which is rakobela.[protected]

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