my name is Ezrah Hlomuka. I bought building material on 25 of july in alexandra and i did a transfer to bochum. I paid R800 for delivery but till today i have not received my goods. At first i tried to call the branch fo three consecutive days, the phone kept on ringing but no one was picking it up. I then decided to call the head office and that was when i got the managers number. I called him and asked him when are they going to deliver and the answer i got from him was that, they dont have a truck at the moment and they might have the truck in 7 days time. 7 days days time arrive but still no delivery and then i called them again and this time the answer was…we will get back to you.
Why should i suffer so much to receive the goods that i paid for as if im owing this people.

Found At: Cashbuild – building material not delivered.

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