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The company told us they filed for permits and didn’t, a building inspector showed up at our home to tell us work had to stop until permits were issued. John Jr said Theresa would go get permits. We waited a long time, finally called municipal building. They told us she requested permits but never paid for them so we went and paid for them ourselves after John Jr kept lying to us and telling us that the building inspector was making them wait for permit and giving them a hard time. Once we had permits it was one lie after another. If someone from there showed up it was almost like a miracle. Wouldn’t answer our phone calls unless we called from unknown telephone numbers. Went and sat at office numerous times to wait to talk to John Jr. about no work getting done after many promises to come. He would never show up. It was one excuse after another. We would call everyday. Work started mar 31 2008 and was supposed to be complete in aprox 3 weeks, now isn’t that a joke. Its now Aug 11 2008 and were still not done. My husband took off from work almost every time workers came here after we saw what poor work they did. My husband used to be a plumber and caught leaks before they backfilled and insisted that they do things correctly. No one supervises the workers and they honestly don’t know what they are doing and don’t care. John Jr. also Stopped payment on a check to a supplier that delivered materials to my home. I have rec’d threats from collection agents of a lien being put on my house because of his not making good on his check, I am still waiting for a release from the supplier that he made good on what he owes them. He still hasn’t completely finished our job but is calling wanting final payment. Told him not until we get release from supplier, get final inspections, and job is totally complete. Then our inspector told us he was arrested in july for not having a contractors license and various other counts against him. We didn’t see the complaint board website until it was too late. We just prayed he would do our job. I guess we are better off than some but we’re not finished yet. God help us. We were given the same run around as everyone else by John Jr., John Sr., Theresa, Bernie and Andrea.

Found At: Castaway Pools & Spas Reviews: See What Customers Are Saying on Complaints Board

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