Two weeks ago I ran into cato as I was doing some errands in troy, mo. I frequently shop at the wentzville, mo, location. I was in a hurry and grabbed two items and put them in layaway with a $20 the following two weeks I found similar items much cheaper online and stopped by the cato store in troy to cancel the layaway, only to find out they had to charge me an $8.00 fee. So on my $20 original deposit, I only received $12.00 back. An absolutely unreasonable amount. I took the $12.00 because at this point I definitely will not wear the outfits and I will never shop in a cato store again; nor will I recommend them to friends or family as I have in the past. The items were still on the front racks. They had not been moved to sale or clearance status and i’m sure the cashier wasted no time in putting them out on the rack for closing i’d like to say that sometimes customer satisfaction goes a lot further than your $8 profit on unsold items. I have for the past few years been a regular customer so you have no idea how much this fee will cost you in future sales.

Found At: Cato – layaway fees

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