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CBS Home in Omaha, NE

Kevin Meyer is the worst realtor that I have ever heard of. Good luck ever trying to get a hold of him, and he NEVER returns phone calls. We just had a sale fall through due to Kevin not returning phone calls.

He has left us hanging for WEEKS. Actually, we are now looking for a different house and we happened to find one that we liked. We noticed that this one too was listed by Kevin Meyer. We immediately decided against it. We are still trying to get our earnest deposit back and can’t get him to return phone calls and his voice mail is full (obviously full of many more unanswered phone calls). I feel sorry for the sellers as they are going to have a tough time selling a house if it was listed through him. I am not sure what this guy does all day long-play Nintento? He obviously isn’t working.

Found At: CBS Home – Omaha, NE / Kevin Meyer – The worst realtor that I have ever heard of

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