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I was supposed to fly on June 9, 2021 bound for Davao with a prepaid 40kls baggage allowance. But because I lack swab test I needed to change my flight on later date. I asked about how is it going to be when I changed my flight due to lack of requirements, they told me to just ‘go to the website, manage booking then choose change flight. Choose a new date then book. So I did! a Cebu pacific staff even assisted me. I rebooked my flight on June 11, 2021, flight 5J961 bound for Davao at 05:05.

Come June 11, 2021 when I was about to print my luggage tags, the system says I don’t have any baggage allowance in my booking. So I complained and said I purchased 40kls online. They said that when I rebooked my flight the baggage allowance was not included! I told them that I was advised to change the flight but I wasn’t told that I need to purchase a baggage allowance since I already had one in the first place. They asked me to pay more than 7000 php first but reduced to php 6100.00 as a ‘help’ for me.

A heated argument happen as I was explaining that I wasn’t told that I need to do a whole rebooking again, purchase another baggage so on and so forth. I asked assistance; I was advised to just simply change the date. they even acknowledged and apologized on the mistake of their staff in assisting me and giving me incomplete and vague instruction. however, they still asked for a payment of P6100 for my luggage.

This kind of trick, inconsiderate, poor customer service, rude treatment of passenger in this trying and very hard time of pandemic is heartless. Imagine paying that huge amount with the mistake of their staff who gave me incomplete instruction.

I would like to ask for a refund for the baggage allowance that I already purchased online and was asked for another payment. The staff were very rude of telling me ‘since you cannot pay we will pull your luggage that simple mam’

So I had no choice but to pay since I need to go back. And if I wont pay they will cancel my booking and I need to purchase a new ticket again.

Desired outcome:
A full refund of P6100

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