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* here is a copy of my letter too them. ~ let me tell you my response again offered no customer service ~ as they said to me and I quote “the ship states the service was up to par”! As I have some reason to just make up my poor experience! Not so much my time is more valuable and I have better things to do than make crap up!

To whom it may concern:

After much deep thought and consideration I feel you should hear about my celebrity cruise vacation. Where do I start? Let’s start with the knowledge I booked with celebrity cruise line based on a good friend’s recommendation. I was informed if I enjoyed my other cruises, namely carnival, as much as I had expressed; then I needed to travel with what they believed to be the “cream of the crop”. Well, I did not get that impression, service or respect from your cruise line at all.

I would like to take you through my vacation. April 2, boarding day, I arrived at the port with my family in tow and extremely excited! All was well until I hit the check in desk where I was told that I could not board because I did not bring my “marriage license” this was a total surprise to me as I thoroughly read through the pamphlet mailed to me by celebrity and I have called on several occasions to make sure I had all my documentation in order. All I was told that all I needed was a valid driver license and my birth certification (I had my drivers license, birth cert, my social security card, birth certs for my 2 children – enough matching information to connect my names). I will also add that I checked with home land security and was provided information stating my documents would be sufficient for a “loop” cruise! The agent helping me said they would check with a supervisor to see what I could do.

I was instructed to head over to the passport office to see if I can obtain an emergency passport. I had to leave the port area all together after I paid for parking; to travel several blocks away to find out the office is closed on saturdays after the agent assured me the office would be open. I went back to the port and asked to speak to a supervisor, I informed her that the passport office was closed and asked the question ‘what am I to do now?” the supervisor proceeded to tell me I could go across the street to an internet café and go onto the web and use a site by the name of “intelius” at a fee of $50.00 (Which should be completely reimbursed) for a background report on myself and if the report happen to show both names matching my birth certification and my drivers license then they would see if they could get me on board. Try to understand a few things, I am running around with 2 children, my children, that now are in tears thinking their spring break will be ruined, numerous times thru security, and they will not get to go on “their” first cruise.” needless to say I once again managed to get thru “your” company hurtles we were exhausted!

Now that day 1 of my vacation was no fun at all! We missed out on my boarding photo as well – so much for photo memories! I am currently am asking myself and others is this discrimination of women? Why would I need my marriage license when I have all required documents per your pamphlet and home land security? Also, how is it that out of hundreds of passengers only I and 2 other couple had this issue? We were at the internet café and trying to get the information printed and the employee’s at the café were very informative.

I will not bore you with the long version but here is a brief summary of my celebrity cruise:

• I was sunburn pretty bad, stopped in the store on the ship to find no aloe or other relief items. The medical facility was closed as it does not have the most convenient hours. So, I had my husband go to guest services, he was told they do not have anything for sunburn. The next morning first thing I went to guest services myself and the gentlemen give me a bottle of aloe with the celebrity logo right on it. Funny how just a few hours earlier no one could help us, but now magically they have aloe to offer.
• on our last sea day we wanted some entertainment so we went to the marti bar for trivia, the girl hosting was “katie”. We were one of the first to enter and select a seat. After the time arrival and serval other arrived to place; she (Katie) started handing out the paper and pencils. After she passed us the first time and went around the room and came back to the front put the paper and pencils down and grabbed the mic. I said “we did not get a sheet of paper or pencil”. Her comment was “I intentionally ignored you” and she then handed my child the paper and pencil.
• on several trips to the island café the drink machines were empty or just simply closed, the coffee was cold at least 3 of the times we went to enjoy a cup.
• at our first night in the dining room our dinner took over an hour to reach our table with the couple next to us commenting us on how long it took.
• the island café was extremely limited in the food offerings and several stations closed or extremely long line.
• the steward (Room attendant) seem to never be around (I think I saw him 3 times during my 5 days) and the shower mat was never exchanged or pick up for the bathroom floor for the extent of our 5 day cruise.
• the walls in our cabin were dirty and dented as well as the ceiling
• lastly this ship did not seem to have a very friendly outgoing crew.

I am very thankful this was not my first cruise because if this was the example I had to go by I would never cruise again. I can not say I will be a generous as my friends with a high recommendation but sadly just the opposite. My husband and I cruise annually and I am very disappointed with this entire experience. I felt strongly enough to bring this matter to your attention and I welcome the opportunity for celebrity cruise lines to fix this for myself and my family. For your further consideration, I will not stop actively speaking of my horrid experience until it is address by celebrity. Finally, I would like to thank the celebrity and crew for a not so fun “spring break

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