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Adding to my first review:
Our puppy had to go through four rounds of medicine for giardiasis as soon as we purchased him. He was so sick and it was heartbreaking. We paid over $600.
Denise uses this vet for her pups and dogs. Why do they not report her when they must surely be aware or a little suspicious of her unethical practices?
Denise’s attitude was callous and disgusting. Part way through all the treatments and lab testing she just said he is probably over it by now. Puppies get this all the time.
About halfway through all the treatments, we were considering returning him for a refund because it was heartbreaking and he did not seem to be getting well.
We kept thinking how terrible it would be to return him to such an immoral breeder. Nonetheless, we cautiously asked her what she would do if we did.
Although she claims she will refund the amount paid, she said she would sell the puppy again and give us $400.
Sell the puppy, sick as he was? Unbelievable. This is the character of this breeder. My advice is to find a caring, honest breeder who has a reputable breeding program, not a puppy mill like Celebrity Pups.
Of course, we never returned him. He finally recovered two months later.
Why is nobody closing this breeder down?

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