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Good Morning.
Re: CELL C claim ZC Phungula
Claim number: 281926
Contract number: [protected]

I have a contract with cell c – for the past year and have been paying my premiums as expected. I accidentally dropped my phone on the driveway and drove over it without realizing that it was on the ground.
The phone completely shutters beyond repairs.

This happened on the 28/10/2020, I went and registered the claim at cell c fourways mall branch on the 29/10/2020.

The consultant that assisted me said that I must leave the phone with them as its beyond repairs.
Its been over 3 weeks now im without a phone, I Have a side business that need me to have a phone and now my clients cannot reach me, I’ve lost income. I have been calling every 2 days to check.

I get same response that I must wait 21 days for the claim to be processed, this is unacceptable! had this been made known to m when I took insurance I would have not accepted it!

I work for an insurance company we handle phone claims and turnaround time for claim procedure is 48 hrs. for total loss.

I need to have a phone by end of this Saturday, I have a function of about 300 people to organize and I desperately need a phone.

Please contact me via email as I the phone i’m currently is my old phone no battery life from 2013. It switches off every midcall, it’s been an uphill.

please contact me urgently cell c people

[protected] – I did a sim swap with this number at cell c still its not registered.. Go figure! So I guess you’ll get me on the landline since you refuse to give me a phone and register my sim card properly

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