Cape Coral, FL
century link / prism
Last month our TV and computer started “freezing”. The recordings then disappeared and never could be retrieved. I made a couple of calls to Centurylink and the equipment was finally replaced after a “red X” showed up on the screen. They sent a technician to fix the problem in the lines outside as well. I was given a wait time, with a window of several hours. All was well for a few weeks and the problem started again yesterday. I missed the last 5 minutes of an hour long show and rebooting did not solve the problem for quite awhile. I called customer service and spoke with, “Shannon.” I was told the following “story.” He said that he could see that we had a power spike. He said that this is Florida and that the wires in the wall get cold here and send a surge to warm themselves and this causes a surge that freezes everything. This was his explanation, I kid you not! This morning the TV and computer both keep freezing every few minutes. I called and spoke with “Jose” who said that he could see that there were errors building up in the lines, which had nothing to do with our equipment. He gave me a ticket number and said that a technician would be here within the next 24 hours. We hadn’t had any problems with our service until the past 6 weeks. I see by other reviews in the area, we are not the only ones experiencing these delays. I must say that the people in customer service and the technician have all been very polite (regardless of the silly excuse). Today the Superbowl will be shown and we would really like to watch it uninterrupted!

Found At: CenturyLink – freezing of internet and tv

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