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Paint? What paint? This company is a FRAUD”>

OK…had my aluminum siding house repainted and wood garage also along with windows and trim throughout. Yea Right! The franchise owner at the time, Darren Getek gave me a quote for $2456.00 for the job included on the work proposal. Workers were of ### quality, they never sanded, scraped, primed, power washed or did anything they were supossed to. They painted over chipping paint, painted over filthyt dirty wood siding on the garage, never primed as it said in the contract. I complained to the owner and MADE the workers come back to sand ALL of the windows and trim and repaint again. I told them it needed to be primed which was in the contract. Oh yea…they did prime afterwards…a dab here and a dab there. I was pissed! BUT, I HAD to pay for the job because the owner said it was completed. Well, 3 years later, all of the paint on the soffits, windows, trim and especially the garage is peeling off like old nasty wallpaper with no glue on it. FINALLY, found the name of the company who painted 3 years ago, which I didn’t even think I still had the contract and bill of sale and contacted them and find out that the owner no longer owns the franchise company. OK! I get a hold of the newest owner in my area who finally after weeks of contacting him comes out and says “this is the worst horror story I have ever heard”, told me that infact the job was done poorly, that the wood garage should have been wire brushed and primed before painted, the window trim and soffits looked horrible and the entire job needed to be redone…it has only been 5 years, BUT, this is what the house looked like after only 3 years. BS…paint lasts a lot longer than 3 years. Oh yea, did I mention there 2 year warranty guarantee?…I see why now. I am waiting for a call back from the new owner who took measurements off the work area and notations of the poor quality of paint job and is going to get in touch with the corporate office to “see what they can do”. I told him I didn’t feel that we should have to pay for another paint job, especially one with a company who offers a 2 year warranty and has done poor work in the past. Well…if our house does not get fixed the RIGHT way, then off to court we go. And, even though the warranty states it is 2 years…they first have to uphold the contract in order for the warranty to be valid, which they did not! SO, that means the warranty is null and void.


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