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I am emailing in to advise that Champion Energy has threatened to disconnect my services for a $200 bill. I was told that I could not speak to a manager for 24 to 48 hours, within that timeframe my services would have already been disconnected.

I explained that I have two diabetic children in the home whose medicine needs to be kept refrigerated and all I was told was the usual script of “I’m sorry but in order to set up a payment arrangement you would have to put down 50% of your bill or we can provide you with information to agencies that can assist you in getting the bill paid. I was then told that customer’s have been provided time to pay and were not charged during the Texas storm, (which customers should not have been charged in the first place).
In times that we are in where everyone is struggling, COVID and unemployment on the rise, how can a company only think about money and not caring about the customer! This is a sad company which is ONE of the reason I chose to not renew my services with them. Here is Texas it’s all about the money and not the consumer!.. It is 100 degrees here in Texas in July and for Champion to be heartless in threatening to disconnect is just terrible customer service!

Found At: Champion Energy Services – Disconnect with children who have an illness

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