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Chara Technologies Subasri Murugan Looted 50 Lakhs From Our Students — Subasri Murugan looted 50 lakhs from CHARA Technologies

Subasri Murugan date of birth 30th August 1993, looted 50 lakhs from our students ie from Chara Technologies, Guindy Chennai. She is a dangerous female fraud – worked at our company as Embedded Hardware Developer. We have terminated her immediately.
At present she is cheating as a Teacher in Maldives. Students and colleges beware and be aware of her.
More details about the Female Fraud – Subasri Murugan.
Subasri Murugan – B.E ECE 2018 (part time) from Anna University, Chennai,
Also DECE – 2012 pass out from Dr.Dharmambal Govt. Polytechnic for Women, Chennai.
Now for earning daily bread – She is doing Prostitutionn in Chennai and Maldives – See the attached photos for full details about this beautiful night tholil worker.
you can contact her 24×7 at any time or visit her address or contact her email for appointment – heavy crowd – so do not visit her without appointment.
Her Ct numbers -nine zero nine two three one three six five zero /seven three seven three three two three nine nine zero
Address :141, 1st floor, LIG-1, TNHB, Ayyapakkam, Chennai – Six zero zero zero seven seven
Permanent address:97, Madha kovil street, Vandhavasi, Thiruvannamalai Dist -Six zero four five zero five
See photos of Subasri murugan – Wanna want to [censored]k her tonight – call immediately.
Just 100 per hour – 2000 per 100ml milk from her breasts directly.
Once again, The beautiful female prostitutee – do not visit without appointment. you can pay directly to her G-pay or Paytm or bank account for advance booking sorry [censored]king

Subasri Murugan is a female [censored]ker – most dangerous, She has threatened male students by getting their bad photos thru hidden camera placed at Gents toilets by her. She looted more than 50lakhs by using bad photos and videos of male students. usually 5k, 50k per student. now absconded to Maldives – as a teacher doing prostitutuion and threatening male students by using hidden camera videos and photod. Spread this message as much as possible. see the attached photo for her full details.

Found At: Chara Technologies Subasri Murugan – Subasri murugan looted 50 lakhs from chara technologies

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