Chartway Federal Credit Union

To whom it may concern, My name is Dent Cooper. My father’s name is Thomas Allen Cooper of Washington Utah. On September 17, 2021 he passed away. He was a member of your credit union for many, many years. He’s been a member since it was called Southern Utah Federal Credit Union. As have I and many of my family members. We use the branch in Washington Utah on Red Cliffs drive, and have since its opening. My father has a little under $300.00 dollars in his account, which we are being told we cannot get because you all don’t “deal” with irrevocable trusts. After submitting a copy of the trust, and death certificate the funds will not be released. My father died with $300.00 to his name and you all think you can just keep it. This is wrong! I have made many trips to this branch, for them to tell me “it’ll be taken care of tomorrow.” Now, I know we are the [censored] on the bottom of your shoe, but this is big business taking it to the little guys, and of course who do you think is going to win? Not us! Yes, I know it’s only $300.00, but from a guy that only had that much money in his account, don’t you think we could use it? This will all probably fall on deaf ears, but it was worth a chance. Whatever happened to taking care of the “little guys?” Or taking care of your customers? If Chartway needs another $300.00 to add to the billions of dollars they already have, then take it, take it all!


Dent Cooper

Thomas Allen Cooper (RIP) 11/15/1934-10/17/2021

Found At: Chartway Federal Credit Union – Service

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