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Cho Yung is definitely engaging in unscrupulous behavior. There so many hoops to jump through it is almost impossible to cancel your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL. How is it possible to return at least 1 unopened packet when you have yet to receive any packets. I was told because of the Iceland volcano delivery would be delayed. Upon further research I decided to cancel. Believe me I jumped through a lot of hoops only to be told that I had to return something I never received. Not only that they want it returned in 8 days with a proof of delivery. Now to be sure I don’t get screwed I have to cancel my credit card and get a new one. By the way they sent me an address to return the product to but neglected to name the country of destination. Seems like they don’t want it returned so they can continue billing your credit card. Am I right in assuming this is a United Kingdom scam. This could be the greatest product ever but as long as the principals in the company behave in such an underhanded manner who’s going to bother trying it? Buyer beware you have been warned. Don’t be a jerk like me. Green tea is green tea. Why spend $2.00 a bag?
I was sent an email from Cho Yung and when I sent a reply I was informed it was not now or ever going to be delivered to [protected]@cho-yung.com. What a bunch of cr__ks. These guys need to be shut down.

Found At: cho yung tea – Scam

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