Choice Home Warranty

I bought this insurance so that I would not have to worry about home repairs. My house is in the oldest area of Las Vegas, and built in 1961. There has been problems with plumbing, sewer, paint, utilities, air conditioning, painting, and general home repair that is inevitable over time. I called and got a claim # from this home warranty outfit, due to a leaking toilet in the master bathroom. They sent a plumber from Jump 2 to it Plumbing in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was at work when the plumber arrived and my cousin from Houston, Tx let him in. My cousin knows nothing about the toilet, other than I asked him to let in the repairman while I was at work. This plumber, feeling some kind of loyalty to CHOICE HOME WARRANTY, then lied and said that I was at the house and let the worker in, and told him that the toilet was leaking for the prior 6 months. The claim was denied based on the fact that coverage did not attach because the problem was pre-existing. This was pure faleshood: it was what the plumber wanted to hear so that he could tell the home warranty people about the claim denial. He kept calling me and demanding a check. I wrote a check and due to his con, I stopped payment on the check. It was his lies that allowed CHOICE HOME WARRANTY to wrongfully deny my rightful claim. I am in the process of sending them a demand letter. When I called and asked their address, they refused to give it to me unless I told them the reason why I wanted the address. I refused at first, then called back and said I wanted to write a letter telling them what a good job their plumber did, and they again refused to give him their New Jersey address. The internet supplied the address. I want my premium back now! If I do not get it, I will file a class action lawsuit against this scam company for its lies, deceit, consumer fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of contract. Let a federal jury tell me that I am wrong! JAMES M. STUART, ATTORNEY AT LAW, LAS VEGAS, NV 89104.

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