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Choice Home Warranty is a scam! They will not pay and will find loopholes not to pay. Here is what I wrote to the President of this so called company. Do your homework before using this company or any other home warranty company. The BBB has rated Choice Home Warranty with an F!

Mr.. Moss,

This is in regards to our claim #[protected]. We had signed up with your company last year for piece of mind that when our appliances/hot water heater/furnace/AC ever went out or needed to be replaced, we were covered in cases such as these. We were thrilled to know that we had protection for a monthly fee in instances where if something went wrong, it would be fixed or replaced.

Well, come to find out were my wife and I ever wrong…Our A/C unit went out this past Tuesday evening. We contacted your company, your company sent a contractor out (Sunshine Heating and Cooling). The contractor told us we needed a new A/C unit. Your company has now refused to pay the claim because you need our last 3 years of service invoices. Huh really? Well let me check the Home Service Agreement regarding where it specifies this. Hmmm…I don’t see it. Let me read it again. Hmmm…Not there. So, calls to Customer Service…Oh and I use the term ‘Customer Service’ very loosely when dealing with your company. Let me just say as I have been in Customer Service for over 20 years in various positions including management, that if I had hired any of the people you have working in your Customer Service department at my company, I would have received a pink slip and a grade of ‘F’ for talent evaluation. Speaking of ‘F’, I noticed last night that is your grade from the Better Business Bureau…Shocking! But more on that later…So, I call Customer Service yesterday to explain to one of your CSRs, who actually sounded like he was about 15, but I digress…To let him know (Shaun) that we have a friend who comes out and does that on the side for us and we pay him cash. I won’t bore you with the details of my conversation because from what I can see doing a search of complaints by other consumers towards your company, looks like you have your hands full…

So, I call once again to speak to a manager (Jim). Told by one of your Customer Service Reps that they will have a manager call me back. Call me back? What? Why? When? Your CSR tells me in about 4 hours…4 HOURS!…Seriously? Oh wait, now I know why it took such a long time (oh and by the way, I had to call back because I never got the return call from a manager) because they have so many other complaints they have to deal with. So, finally get a hold of a manager (Jim) explain the situation about the refusal of the claim, why do you need the last 3 years of Service invoices, explained we have a friend of ours do it on the side, nowhere in the Home Service Agreement does it state this, etc. etc. Then he interrupts me that he is trying to explain the agreement and rattles off all of these section numbers in the contract where it states this…OK, I went through this agreement twice, don’t see this…So, I raise my voice because quite frankly, the runaround is ridiculous. He then says to stop raising my voice and well, I raised it again and then he hung up on me! Yet another shocker! Let me tell you why I raised my voice…It has been between 98-100 degrees here for the past several days! So, let’s see…NO AC + hot temperatures + poor service + lack of empathy = TICKED OFF!

OK, this gets better…So we speak to Randy at Sunshine Heating and Cooling. He says that when he spoke to someone at your company, Randy had told them twice that our AC unit was well maintained and simply put, just died…This is where the whole piece of mind thing comes in, but obviously not with Choice Home Warranty.

So, Mr.. Moss, let me ask you some questions:

Do you not trust the contractors you hire? In other words, if they tell you something has been well maintained why do you need 3 years of service records? Form the looks of the complaints I saw, doesn’t look like your contractors don’t trust you very much either
So what about all the other consumers who have people fix stuff for them on the side or actually do it themselves? Do you deny them as well? Especially ones who self-maintain their stuff. Can they send in a hand-written piece of paper that says the did it? Does that suffice? According to your manager (Jim), it must be serviced by a bonded and insured contractor. Really? Where does it say that in the Home Service Agreement? Yeah, Jim your manager’s response…”Well it doesn’t…” Yet another shocker…
So here is a scenario…My fridge is on the fritz…Call CHW…Service Contractor comes out says need a new fridge…Call CHW, are they going to tell me to provide 3 years of service invoices? Really? What about a stove? Hot water heater? Washer? Dryer? Mr.. Moss, do you have your fridge serviced every year? How about your stove? Dishwasher? Washer? Dryer?

Back to that whole ‘F’ grade from the BBB…Yes, we have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

So, here is what my expectations are…I want a phone call from you to discuss remuneration. And when I say phone call, I don’t mean me having to call you, you need to call me! I am not in the mood for any East Coast BS…Born and raised in New Jersey myself, so let me just say I am up to the challenge. My number is 314.479.2304.

If I do not hear from you by end of business Monday August 9th, I will be contacting my attorney.

Found At: Choice Home Warranty: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 59 | ComplaintsBoard

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