To whom. It may concern,

 Good day! My name is cheryle dela cruz would like to file a complain regarding the rudeness I experience for these two workers ms. Chairman naval (cashier) and ms. Rosie barrameda (manager) who works at chowking walter mart pasong tamo last  october 3, 2014 at around 12:00-13:00.  also for the inconvenince that I always experience on your happy plus terminal at the same store. What happened is everytime I would like to eat at that store I need to go to jollibee to load my happy plus card for me to be able to pay them through my card because they could not process to add load, however they could transact if the card is loaded. The said date above I went first at jollibee store to reload that us why I have a balance of p257.42, then went back to chowking to buy some food, after I have provided my order the said cashier above my total order (one chicken lauriat drinks upgraded to ice tea plus one order for chicharap) is p224.00 she tap my card at the terminal and I saw stated at the terminal that it was declined, however when she try to tap it to their other terminal my balance is already deducted and only p33.42 left. The cashier said “eh wala naman kayong balance sa card nyo” I let her look at the receipt for the transaction I made at the jollibee then she replied again “kung may balance kayo may lalabas na resibo wala naman lumabas na resibo”, without staring at the receipt I have presented for her to identify what happened because I believe she can certainly identify the time when I arrive at their store and the time I reloaded my card at jollibee. I have ask her “do you have any system to double check the transaction of my card”, she escalated the issue to her manager ms. Rosie barrameda, she try to tap it again but the balance still the same, she told me “imposibleng magkamali yung system namin wala lang talaga kayong balance sa card nyo wala na kami ibang way para malaman yung transaction wala po kami computer para magbasa ng card nyo kundi yung terminal lang” then she make face. I was so embarass infront of many customer of what they did, to think that I dont have sleep yet came from work the night before that, then went to tmc for the result of my lab, that’s why I decided to eat because my 3 year old son who was with me that day were both very hungry. The said manager escalated it again to ms. Mary grace ramos another manager at that store, she told me “mam lagi po akong nandito since morning puro madalas happy plus transaction namin wala naman po problema”. Then she pause she let me explain what happen and we also went back to jollibee to confirm the transaction. Ms. Ramos is the only worker there who assisted me properly and provided respect also listen on my explanation at that store, while I am calling the happy plus hotline but I could not reach them through my portable phone, she also provided us the food we have ordered. But because of what happened I could not ate it I just let my son ate it because I am very worried with him. Ms. Ramos invited me at their office. I decided again to call happy plus hotline from their phone and I talked to ms. Dareen juanites and provided all the information while i’m crying she mentioned that it possible to happen. Ms. Juanites might feel pity on me that is why she escalated it immediately to her tl ms. Grace tulagan. I want to commend that two agent who back me up to the said store that it was possible to happen and they might be looking at the tools they need to use before they have provided an answer, because they were smart and very helpful to assist the cx who is in trouble, that is the time that ms. Ramos figured out that I am telling the truth. Ms. Ramos apologize and let me went with the food I ordered plus 300.00 gc.
     when I went home I told my friend who worked at dti bout what happen to me, she mntioned that the store should have had provided me the food for free and return my payment becuase they were unable to provide me the receipt upon purchase. Ms. Tulagan was able to view all the transaction i’ve made with my happy plus, but why the workers at the store didn’t know that they could seek for help through its hotline, I will be the done who seek for way for them to identify everything. Beside that I dont have successful reload transaction at that said store. They made me so embarrased due to their rudeness and wasted my time that day. I have that night as well and due to that incident I experienced severe headache that is why I need to go back to the clinic for check up and I also need to undergo citiscan, that happened last monday october 6, 2014. It was so ridiculous that I have received that kind of treatment as a customer, that is why I am asking now for them to compensate all the wasted time, the embarrasment and the sickness I have gotten becayse of that incident.
     I am hoping for your immediate response

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