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Chrysler financial repossessed my vehicle on 5/10/2010 wrongfully. They (Diane a Representative of Chrysler Financial) stated the payment had not been made on our 2007 Ram 1500 (VIN 1D7HA182X7S272748) and a repossession order was issued as a result. It was a payment amount of $1084.76. I explained to her that the payment was made and I had completed that transaction online on 5/5/2010. She asked if I had proof of this payment. I provided her with a transaction number that was issued by the website. Diane said she would research this transaction and call me back in 30 minutes. She called me back and said she had spoken with her manager, Seth, and he informed her that the transaction was posted to our other account. The $1086.74 was posted to our 2006 Jeep Commander (VIN 1J8HG48NX6C363492) account. I informed her that those funds should have been applied to the 07 Ram 1500 account. Diane’s response was that the funds cannot be removed from the 06 Jeep Commander’s account and applied to the 07 Ram 1500. They acknowledge the fact that the EXACT past due balance was applied to the wrong account they still insisted that they could not do anything about it. The repossession order still stood and had to adhere to policy to regain our vehicle. I had to provide Chrysler Financial with seven References, Proof of insurance and Residency and pay the outstanding balance of $1, 084.76 plus the repossession fee. We faxed the needed information to the number they provided. At that of time the repossession fee was not known, due to the company that preformed the repossession had not invoiced them yet. Excepting those terms we proceeded on with those terms. After we received the total amount, on 5/13/2010, needed to regain the vehicle, we came to the conclusion we could not afford it.

With the help of my stepfather we purchase another vehicle.

On 5/26/2010 we received a letter from Chrysler financial stating that 2006 Jeep Commander was delinquent and will be repossessed if payment is not made by 06/01/2010. We called Chrysler Financial to clear up this apparent miss understanding. I was informed that the payment of $1, 084.76 that was posted to the account had been applied to 2007 Ram 1500 account. I pulled up the Jeep’s account online and it showed that the payment had been reversed, which left the account delinquent.

My complaint to Chrysler Financial is the $1, 084.76 that was applied to the wrong account has now been reversed as we previously requested to Chrysler Financial. Now it is two weeks on 5/262010 they have done it. When initially I had requested that this be done on 5/10/2010, I was told that it could not be done. This ultimately left me with no alternative but to allow the repossession. So my argument is if they were able to do this on 5/10/2010, we would have able to regain our truck. Since it was not possible then and the truck has been sold by Chrysler Financial since, Chrysler needs to right their mistake.

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