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On oct 21, 2018 we had scheduled a birthday party the mega birthday party at the lynnwood wa location at 4 pm.
We showed up 15 mins early checked in and was told our table is not ready yet. It was set up and we sat down and waited 1/2 hour later thomas wondered over and said oh you did not tell me you were here. We informed him we had no balloons – his statement to us was that they have run out of balloons and had run out of dippin dots. He stated that someone was going to go get balloons you blow up and some ice cream cups.
We put in the food order the appetizer platter came out 35 mins latter and the pizza cam out after 1 hr. Thomas came out with chuck e cheese and said he was here for all the tables. He left and we did not see him again till all most 6 pm saying the girls get to go into the ticket booth. The other kids had to leave so asked another employee to find thomas our party host had come out as chuck e cheese because another party had complained. He stated he did not come back as he had to do the chuck e cheese thing.
So the party guest left no brownie no balloons no party favors no ice cream. We finally complained to thomas he was really rude. Yes he now was waring the manager key ring. We had to pay the bill for things we did not get! So monday I called never getting through dialed o and was told they only had one employee to take complaint for all 500 stores. 104 calls and left a message no call back. I called the ceo he never called back either. The next day no one was answering again called the sched. Dept they had a supervisor take the complaint she said the district manager would call within 48 hrs. It is now one week and no call and no one ever answers the phone.
My advise to everyone don’t have your childs party at chuck e cheese!

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