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On 06/08/09 I purchased a 1995 Sea hawk 5th Wheel Camper from Chuck Smiths Auto. Prior to the sale, I had asked the sales person Ron if there was any leaks and did everything work. He said there was no leaks at all and everything does work. I then asked him about the slider being open as it was and he said that it was that way to let it air out. I then said “Well if everything is OK, I’d be willing to buy it. So he brought me into the office to meet up with Maxine Smith, Co-Owner. I told her that Ron had shown me the camper and I then asked her again if everything works and any leaks, she stated no, everything works in the camper. I then said the reason I asked again is because it’s not hooked up to try anything out to make sure, she then again assured me everything works. They advertised it on their web site for $7500 and I told her I’d make an offer of $5000. She said I’ll call my husband to see what we could do on the price. She called Chuck and he said the lowest he would go is $6200. I said OK, and left a $1000. deposit and was to pay the rest up within 2 weeks. I paid it in full the next week and Ron delivered it to my house in Nashua in the driveway. I noticed that the slider was not in all the way and that was a concern I told them in a prior email before they delivered it. Ron and another guy (don’t know his name, a young guy in his 20’s), tried for a half an hour to fix the slider problem, They couldn’t get it to close all the way like it should, so I told him to call Chuck (the owner)to see what he can do about this problem. Ron said Chuck was going to send a guy over to fix it. Ron said maybe after it’s leveled off, it might close properly since the driveway was in a small pitch. I said I’d try that. Ron left and I proceeded to go to the rear of the camper to get the levelers jacked down. Could not find the leveler Handel to screw down> I called Chucks Auto to find out where the leveler handle was and Maxine told me it’s in the trailer someplace. I looked again and called back but they did not answer my calls there after that day but called again the next day to tell them there wasn’t one. I was told by Maxine they are cheap to buy. I then went back to try using a piece of steel and placed it into the leveler hole to move the jack down, the left side was completely rusted and would not move, the right one was broken already. So I could not level it out at all. I then went on line to find a replacement pair and purchased for $50. I the mean time, Chuck was to send a person over. A week went by and Chuck showed up himself to fix the slider. He told us that we are going to use a 2″ x 4” piece of lumber and place it on the opposite side to bend it into place. I said “WHAT?” I then said it’s time for you to leave and pointed him his way out. Now knowing that what they told me that everything works wasn’t true. I had a feeling that more problems are not yet evident that they didn’t tell me. So I had State Line Superstore pick up the camper for a complete inspection. It cost me $402.80 to have it checked out and the repairs would cost me $7500. Ron, Maxine, and Chuck all knew this was a piece of crap and they lied to me about it’s condition. This is worse than a lemon, it’s a rotten egg! I want Chuck to take this thing back and refund my money if full including the extra out of pocket costs. I was going to use this camper as a portable office this summer for my business, But I could not use it at all and now waiting for court. I’d rather settle this out of court and to avoid having his company seen as a bad business when when all this will be posted as a Public Notice Warning to the general public to see.

My Resolution to them:
I want Chuck to take this camper back and refund my money in full including the extra out of pocket costs. I had tried to settle out of court with them, but they did not respond.

It’s quite evident – take a good look at thier web site alone (very unexperienced in web designing here, that would be the daughter I would presume). Under ABOUT US, you can not click onto that link… Hmmmm we wonder why?

Found At: Chuck Smiths Auto, LLC – Dishonest Dealer

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