CiCi's Pizza

Upon entering the cicis restaurant we were greeted by a bitter complaining manager. She spoke very negatively to her staff. Mainly a young girl named Briana. She complained to us about her just a few steps away from her. It was very unprofessional and mean. This manager was also wearing FLIP
FLOPS for shoes. If we hadn’t already ate once we seen her shoes we honestly would have left before paying or eating. That is highly unsanitary. I have a photo of the managers shoes. I couldn’t believe she was allowing herself to work around food with open shoes as such. I spoke to the girl she was hateful towards and she explained that she felt singled out that the woman (Samantha) seemed to pick at her more than anyone else but other employees agreed that she was very mean to them. You cannot treat your employees this way and expect to have a friendly, loyal staff. I work in management and have worked in food management. One bad leader can ruin the whole crew. It was sad to hear that the young lady (briana) planned to quit because of the treatment she was receiving. She was doing an excellent job and was very friendly. At first I was concerned because of the treatment of the staff but after seeing her shoe selection I was appalled. We will not be returning to this Cicis location and that is sad because it is the closest location to us. Overall bad experience. I hate to see employees being treated so harshly and unfairly.

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