Circle K

On Monday Sept 28th, I stopped in for gas. I attempted to pay at a pump outside until the pump didnt inquire about my alternate ID for Kroger points, which I intended to use. I went inside and paid $30 with my Cash App Visa card ending in 6086 exp date 3/26. A few minutes later I received 3 notifcations on my phone from Cash App re Circle K. The first one was re the $75 hold from the pump transaction that was cancelled, the second was another attempt for the $75, which was declined, and the third was about the $30 trans inside for the gas I pumped. I have returned to the store for assistance and called the manager on duty for as well. She didn’t know what a “home office”was when I asked for the phone number and was quite rude to me. I am in the customer service field and was very surprised by her rudeness and lack of knowledge.
I am asking for the $75 hold be lifted or the $75 be returned to the card listed previously. I can be reached at 706.524.6664 if you have any questions.
Thanks for your help in this matter.
Tracy K. Dorr
TKD Physician Services

Found At: Circle K – Gas hold on debit card

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