These days it seems to be a common and chronic practice to subject their clients or customers to fraud, especially to the elderly like us! And then the banks or institutions will blame us for not being careful! Being an honest person, we get victimized frequently, because we don’t treat them as dishonest be trustworthy and credible, sadly, that is not the case! And then the hide behind our credit score but at the same time financial institutions are the ones that cause our score to go down. Over two years ago, my score was 781, but just with one incident due to illegal Gubernatorial Tort and one time I forgot to make the payments, liberal banks like Citi Bank and Chase either shut me down or reduced my limits down to 1/18 like Citi Bank has done with 3 of my Cards!

The issue today is how demonstrates their pettiness, viciousness, Bad Faith and like an employee from Citi Bank told me yesterday, an “I care less attitude.” Yet, they are judge us due lower scores they are the cause they are lower, but then we are blamed!

I have complained to Costco, but also cares less!

Without a valid reason Citi Bank with Costco Visa Card, reduced my limits from $4,000 to $1,000. But then when I had been on their website, they sent me an email asking for feedback. My Feedback was Zero; since, that is what Citi Bank earned. Immediately, within minutes Citi Bank reduces my limits this time to $500. Another serious fraudulent practice is that when I would log into Citi Bank their invasion of privacy is so illegal and horrible.

Citi Bank would view my bank account while I was logged in! It was very scary. I then never made a payment from the Citi Bank website but from my own awesome bank.

Today’s issue is that I after the measly reduced limit of $500 I had $31.22 but had 2 returns totaling $30.42. Mind you, the charge is recorded immediately but conveniently the credit is not! They are so disgusting and irrational and petty. On the other hand, I schedule my payments early in order to have a balance and even make payments in advance. Take next payment, it’s due on 03/07, but I scheduled it on 03/03. But then they say it will take up to 7 days to post, but not the refund! I’m really ashamed for Costco to force us to do business with Citi Bank and would careless, since, I have communicated all my complaints to Costco. So today I my gas costed $29.14 and left me a balance of $206 + the 30.42, I should have been allowed to charge a measly amount of $11.48! Do you see the biased, unprofessional, carless and Bad Faith attitude entails? And since, they operate on a personal and unprofessional level, they have no qualms to attack, misjudge and resort to unfair deduction of limits, without valid reasons! I do most of my shopping with Sam’s club and Walmart. But I just happen to go to Victorville for other medical appointments! I pray for them because today’s God’s message is about true leadership. Sadly, and unfortunately, Citi and Costco will not exercise God’s teachings of Righteousness. Just like my bank is blaming me for having been subjected to fraud and money laundering taking falsely 5 house payments! I pray for all fraudulent practices and even for Putin to understand that unless we live in Righteousness, we’re headed to the wrong direction I would not wish even to my worst enemies such “friends;” however, with “friends” like Costo, Citi Bank and Chase, it’s worst then enemies; however, they are just doing themselves more wrong the wrong they are doing to us! Citi Bank must acknowledge payments and credits as fast as they acknowledge charges!

Found At: Citibank – Citi bank is an absolute fraud!

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