Dear Complaint Members at Citi Bank Organization,
Subject: Constant Insufficient Money and $35 Penalty in My Citi Bank Account Due to the Negative Effects of the Replacing Soviet’s Health Professional (Physician Assistant) Job with the Actual American Graduate Medical Doctors

Issue That I Discussed with the United States Government Regarding Constantly Having Financial Disaster with Lack of Job to Practice Medicine in the United States

My personal experience is very similar to what I found later on about strange behavior that Polish community experiencing by some paramedics made decisions to do not pick up Polish elders to the Emergency room in Poland (Dr. Masziak, Professor of hab, Lublin., and the Head of Psychiatric in Lublin, Poland) regarding the Soviet type of health care relates to the time that me, my mother, and a neighbor picked up my father to the Emergency Room in the main Hospital of the city of Bandar Pahlavi (Gilan, Iran), while there was no Physician appeared to check up my father when we arrived in the hospital, and after 15-20 minutes losing time there was a physician who showed up with the bad news. The incident of losing my father on that day motivated me to become a physician in that time. On the other hand, when the dream of becoming a Physician by the United States and Poland became true [protected]), I noticed that the one who appeared as a medical doctor could not be a medical doctor, but the Soviet type of health professional (Physician Assistant) who might purposely showed up late since my father was a Police officer (Immigration Police Officer with One Star) in that time. To avoid such misunderstandings and for protecting the loving Polish people to do not face with not trusting those with worst intentions and history against Poland, one humble idea for the great Polish government would be to use the actual European graduate medical doctors from the Polish graduate doctors or other European graduate medical doctors to make sure they the loving Polish people receive the most acceptable type of health care in Poland. I also noticed that the same group of the Soviet type of health professionals (Physician Assistants) are very protective and feeling responsible regarding those patients with the Soviet background, while they have fewer interests to provide full service with every other population in the United States. Recently, I discovered a new fact which I believe this could be the main cause of misinterpretation regarding shortages of the medical doctors in Poland that I wish the Great Polish Government to investigate a possible few Soviet Medical Doctors (Belarusian-Polish Learned Language Individuals) who might be left Poland by leaving multiple signatures for the Physician Assistant working under his responsibility (e.g., One Soviet Medical Doctor who might left 50, 100, or more signatures for the other young Soviets to misrepresent as health professionals in Poland) in Poland.


The course “Physician Assistant” is the Soviet career (Abbasi & Salehnia, 2013; Aghajanian & Merhyar, 1999; Feldshare, 2019; Ramer, 2018), has no credentials to be called doctor, no backgrounds or intention to become a doctor, and we have several unusualities in the United States as well by group of strange people (the Belarusian English-Learned Soviet) using the American social media to vote against Vaccine to make our society become volnurable for catching every possible diseases that only the society type of one year schooling and one year shadowing a doctor could create such a disaster with the name of social morality or I call punishing the Western society through our health service. Moreover, failure to create academic testing by the NBME (Kaplan & Saccuzo, 2013) which cause the American graduate medical doctors constantly fail can be related to what Soviets is planning regarding health socity of the United States and allies.


Hossein Divan-Beigi, M.D.,
Online Ph.D., Student Industrial and Organizational Psychology [protected])
Graduate Medical Doctor (Physician, [protected])
Graduate Disciple of Christ [protected])
Graduate Agricultural Engineer (Agronomic Affaires, [protected])
Citi Bank Card Number: [protected]
Exp: 09/24/2024



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Found At: Citibank – late payment removal due to the unusual situation

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