Citizens Bank

We have contacted Citizens Mortgage department several times for several years to remove PMI from our loan. Each time the customer service agent said that they would send it to the department that would take care of it not one time has this happened. We called on Mar 3, and was told we have never requested that it be removed. That was not true, we have and the agents have not done their job of submitting the request. Additionally, we Citizens bank does not send any confirmation of a call or that your request was being processed. We, in good faith trusted that the Agent was doing what they were supposed to do on our behalf. When I asked to speak with someone that could assist me I was told no one was available because no one hardly comes in anymore; not my problem. I asked if there was an email or a number I could get to follow up and she said no and I replied that I would find someone on the Corporate site to email my concerns to . This has been going on for at least 7 years without any resolution.

Found At: Citizens Bank – Mortgage service pmi

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