Citizens Bank

On December 11, 2020, I had 951.01 removed from my account, I called the recovery center, and they told me it was an offset from an account that was opened in 2014, I asked why I wasn’t told of this offset when opening my current account the person I was talking to was rude and told me it’s nothing she could do they are paid in full now, I explained to her no letters were sent to me or not even a phone call, I also let her no that I’m not working and I was out of work due to having the Corona Virus and I needed my money to my rent before I get evicted I even willing to pay a payment plan and she just your not getting your money back, in these days when things are tough how could citizens bank be so cruel and not caring for the people I’m not trying to not pay back if it’s owed I’m just trying to survive I was treated so unkind and no one tried to help me out I just really need help trying to get on a payment plan and a refund of funds I can’t work at this I’am on oxygen due to the having a virius and I’m definitely in need of some help with this situation if I had a letter or a phone call from the bank I would have resolved this issue, but I never received either nor I’m in desperate need of help and Citizens Bank is not trying to help instead they’re being rude and unkind. The agent number I spoke with is D100110. Thank You

Found At: Citizens Bank – Request a refund

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