City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

Our neighbour’s name is Bertie van Zyl. His address is 793, 33rd Avenue, Villeira, Tswane.
He running a business from home and causes so loud noise with his bakkies (their are hooters on which demand by the mine). They driving the whole day in and out and cannot live in peace anymore. That is a residential area and definately not industrial area. We talked to him on a good manner, but he chased my wife away from his premises.
Please advise me if he can run his business from the above mentioned address and if no, please stop him that we can have peace in our neighbourhood. My dogs going also mad when this hooters siren is on and I will definately report this matter also at the SPCA.
My name is Chris van der Walt and I renting the house by Willem Buitendag and our address is 795, 33rd Avenue, Villiera, Tswane. My contact number is [protected].
We start moving in there on January 2018 and he was several times warned to stop these industrial noise.

Found At: City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality – neighbours running a business next to us and their vehicles hooters make such noise that we cannot take it anymore.

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