Very disappointing experience . The Clarins Rep” Rosa “was not trained to sell the line and sold incorrect products for my skin type. The service is rushed after waiting far too long for a salesperson. The facials are not relaxing and they barely spend any time on your face and neck. Anyone can just tone skin and slsop on a facial mask. There is no thorough cleansing or massage. People are left waiting for 30 or more minutes for the facial, as staff are late from lunch breaks and just don’t care.
They are always out of samples to try, as the employees hoard them for themselves and their friends at every cosmetic counter here. The manager knows, but does nothing as she gets her fair share.
Last time they were out of three of the products I needed and had no clue about future products coming in.
They are ruining your good name. Please help.

Found At: Clarins – Clarins staff

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